• Jilana Shanice


I’m not sure what I'm doing here, but I’m absolutely sure I am supposed to be here. So, here I am. And for some reason, here you are too. Our paths have crossed, and I could not be more uncertain as to why.

I'd love to find the answers here, together, somewhere in the midst of these unraveled thoughts. Here, in this place and time. Ours, whatever it is. We will come to know it more as time allows. I pray we come even to cherish what we have here. Or will it not be till we have walked together, side by side, through all that lies ahead and can finally look back to see what it is we've shared? Like most things in this life, I imagine the answers are just beyond our reach.

Thank you for being here, with me. I am blessed to be here, with you.

My gratitude for your listening ears is matched by a growing curiosity. I wonder What (or perhaps Who) it is that brought you here? How it came to be that you would take the time to consider my words.

I’m not sure what my words have to offer, if anything.

I’m not sure, anymore, if words have much to offer anyone.

I wonder, sometimes, if they ever did…

Perhaps the words we have are not “for” anyone, but “from...” I believe words are a mere means to the understanding of our inner Truth; truth that existed long before we ever had the words to describe what lies within. I believe words are the essence of something (better yet, Someone) we have always known; yet, for so long, we have forgotten.

How can it be we have truly forgotten this - the warrior within? How? How could we be so divided as to forsake our own being? Have we been misled by our own voice? Perhaps the voice(s) we heard belonged to someone else. Either way, I wonder, was it truly misunderstanding that led us astray? Or could it have been fear?

Warrior, why are you hiding?

Take heart. You are not alone.

I, too, have been in hiding.

I relinquished my purpose, because it required vulnerability. I convinced myself it was better this way. “Better,” was more truthfully, what I deemed to be safer. I learned if I quieted the voice within and kept to myself, I didn’t have to run the risk of getting hurt. Little did I know, I was already wounded.

I spent several years hiding and tending to my wounds. Until I could no longer stomach the butterflies. Their restless wings were ever-calling upon the warrior within.

From butterflies to battle cries, here I am. And for some reason… here you are too.

See you soon, Warrior.

I’ll meet you here.

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